Facilities Management

Facility Management

Facility management entails bringing necessary support staff and / or equipment into the client’s office and providing you with an expertise to handle support in-house. You cannot work faster than being on-site. Plus, the confidentiality and security of documents is maintained at the firm. Finally, we’ll make the whole process run faster and more economically.

IDS understands that there are aspects to a complete information management solution that must be done onsite. In fact, there are aspects to your ongoing ILM needs that require IDS expertise in Facility Management. Your organization has a myriad of components to its overall information infrastructure ranging from machines, people, hardcopy/softcopy storage, and all the protocols that bind them. IDS has proven expertise in assessing information infrastructure and helping you formulate the most effective strategy to leverage it.

The more effective your information infrastructure is, the more it is an asset and a strategic tool that gives you business advantage. Your ability to use this complex tool is central to your business operations. However, in light of its critical role, how many businesses can actually claim that their information infrastructure was a concerted and deliberate design crafted by information specialists? Can they say their information infrastructure was an expertly crafted and custom solution specifically factoring the nature of their organization and long-term strategies while adding the flexibility to handle unforseens like legislative mandates? That’s likely a very short list.

Now consider if your competitor had all the benefits of just such a thoughtfully engineered information infrastructure. A formidable competitor, indeed. With IDS as your strategic partner, our Facility Management Services will help shape your information infrastructure to the fullest extent and cultivate the advantages it can provide for you. IDS offers an in-house document management solution for law firms and corporations. Professionally staffed and expertly equipped, our solution focuses resources on specific client needs. From scanning to photocopying, or just plain manpower, IDS’s approach is to focus on the efficient handling of documents to maximize the flow of work a firm or corporation can process. This approach affords clients a way to maximize profits with a minimum of effort.

It does not matter what format a document is in or what format is needed upon output, IDS can handle the workload and balance the budgetary requirements necessary to promote the growth of any organization or business unit. Our philosophy is not only to save you money, but, more importantly, make you money! Through focused discussions, business opportunities leveraging the appropriate use of manpower and machinery surface. Many law firms and corporations fail to see the opportunities that exist in their day-to-day environments. Let us help you find them.

And, don’t just view us as photocopying and scanning. That would be a mistake. Data entry and document routing are distinct advantages of using a focused staff for internal administrative support (better information in a more timely fashion). Who couldn’t use this help? There is always more than meets the eye with these types of solutions. What we design today for supporting you may have to evolve tomorrow! We are certainly equal to the task! Come see for yourself!